“Having a special needs child comes with a variety of challenges … I can honestly say that Cherub makes it as simple as possible. As a parent you ‘don’t know what you don’t know’. Cherub has been a wonderful support in trouble shooting and preparing us for life’s situations. They truely go above and beyond to serve the children. When we have had health challenges with our son, they have fully supported us. Cherub is one of the few companies that is truly competent; they get it right—from taking orders to billing insurance to delivering the right stuff! They know who they are serving and they do it with precision and attention to detail. They are truly dependable. They care and it shows in everything they do!
Thank you to the great team at Cherub!”


“We moved from Alabama to Kansas and found Cherub Medical supply by doing research online almost 6 years ago. Cherub supplied everything we needed and we weren’t going to need any other company. Nita was very nice and friendly when I called her. The supply company we had in Alabama was giving us a hard time about moving with their rented supplies. Nita was amazing and helped us deal with them and helped us with the moving process as far as the supplies were concerned. She made sure my little girl didn’t go without what she needed while we were in the moving process.”


“We started using Cherub after being denied an important vent we wanted to start using for our son, Charlie. Our old DME wanted us to go through a sleep study as well as other things to get us the Trilogy, even though we had his Pulmonologist’s order. Since switching to Cherub, life has been so much easier. Their ordering process as well as the monthly reminder calls to place orders helps keep things running smoothly especially when life is already chaotic dealing with everything else in a busy special need’s life.”


“Everyone at Cherub is amazing and great. Whenever I call they are always so friendly and willing to help the best they can. I remember one time I was so upset at something that had happened to my daughter and someone from Cherub was going to be delivering me some supplies at the hospital and I was in my car waiting and was crying because my little girl needed help and I felt like the hospital didn’t understand and sent us home with no help. The lady that came out to deliver the supplies made sure I was alright and made a phone call … then my phone rang from my daughter’s doctor telling me to come back into the hospital and she would set the doctor straight that sent us out of there. She didn’t have to help but she did. Everyone at Cherub not only cares about their jobs but they care about the children and their families they do business with. This is why I recommend Cherub to everyone I know. I could go on and on about all the good things about Cherub but I would have to write a book.”


“The staff was always extremely friendly and informative.  Our family had a wonderful experience with the company.”


“Cherub has been great!  Quick service meant we got to bring our baby girl home two days earlier than expected and staff brought O2 concentrator to our home to help us get it set up correctly.  Service has been exceptional and staff are caring and made us feel comfortable with the equipment! Thank you! 


“Every aspect of your company was exceptional!” 


“You guys made our daughter coming home on all this a little more easy.  I’m glad we used this company. You are all awesome! Thank you. 


“Very pleased with all aspects of my association with Cherub—very comfortable in calling with any problems—good job!!!